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What is auditory training?
Auditory training is personalized listening exercises that strengthen a person's ability to understand speech in a variety of listening situations. Some versions are done one-one-one with our staff and some are self-paced using software.

Who is auditory training for?
The short answer is "anyone who has difficulty understanding speech". We have done auditory training with hearing aid users who are not performing as well as they would like, cochlear implant users, and patients with central auditory processing deficits.

Is auditory training done in the office or over tele-health?
In many instances, a patient has the option. In instances that we have found telehealth to be just as effective as in-office auditory training, we offer both telehealth type visits and in-office type visits.

If you would like to know more about our auditory training programs, call us at 610-688-6003 or send us a message by clicking the contact button below.

Auditory Training: Services
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